Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lydia Meets Baby Brynlee

The first time Lydia met baby Brynlee at the hospital she completely ignored her. In fact, she pushed the baby away when Austin tried to hold them both on his lap. I was really worried, but this video captures our second attempt at getting Lydia excited about her baby sister. She really loved kissing and tickling those little baby fingers and toes! Lydia was so stinkin' cute with the baby that my heart just melted into a puddle. I have hope that these two will be best of friends.


  1. Favorite part of that whole thing, "Have you been good for your grandma and grandpa?" "YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!"

  2. Cassi! You have two of the cutest daughters. I can't wait to meet Brynlee. :)