Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random Lydia/Brynlee moments

I can't believe how fast my girls are growing up! I figured I should post my videos and random pictures of them before I forget.

Brynlee has started appealing on Lydia's behalf to end quiet time early. Those two are becoming inseparable!

Can you tell those two are sisters?  Lydia is an energy bunny and Brynlee feeds off of that energy. Without Lydia around, Brynn is very calm and mellow.

Brynn lights up whenever Lydia notices her. Lydia loves pretending that Brynlee is her baby and enjoys having someone's undivided attention every second of the day. It works out great. They are so dang cute together!

We finally started combining their baths and they love splashing together  :)
Brynlee loves her exersaucer!
Caught mid-bounce! She takes after her sister :)
Embracing the spirit of Autumn during Family Night
Squash soup, homemade rolls, apple cider, Halloween sugar cookies, and painting pumpkins - can life get any better?!

On the move!
Brynn likes to twist her tongue

She's always such a beam of sunshine

Lydia loves giving her baby sister lots of hugs and kisses.
My sweet Brynlee bean
Sneak peak of Brynlee's Halloween costume

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  1. It is so fun to read your updates and see these two little ones growing up so quickly! Thank you for sharing!