Monday, February 3, 2014

Highlights of Christmas Break

Grandma and Lydia on the carousel at Nickolodeon Universe - both having the time of their lives!

Lydia kept saying "choo choo!" She sure loves trains :)

Daddy and Lydia on Blues Clues

The bus was kinda scary...
"Watch out, we're coming through!"

Everyone enjoyed our sushi dinner for Lee's birthday

The sushi chefs

Loving her first Japanese dinner. She's definitely a Burdge!

Lydia's Aunt, Ashley, made her this awesome Totoro towel for Christmas. She loves looking in the mirror after bath time and recognizing herself as her favorite movie character "Toto!" 

Lydia's first snowman!
Walking in a winter wonderland

Lounging in the snow. She's definitely living up to those MN roots! (Or maybe she just couldn't get up with all that snow gear on ;) 

The view from our 36th floor bi-level suite in the downtown Minneapolis Marriot Hotel

The preggo belly keeps growing... Baby's only two months away!

We stayed at the Marriot Hotel in downtown Minneapolis for a night and were upgraded to the two-story suite. What a wonderful Christmas present - thank you Lee and Joni! It was fabulous to get away for a day.

It was quite a unique experience descending the steps to Hell's Kitchen. Those are knives hanging from the chandelier. 

Would definitely recommend this place, it's actually quite cozy

The food's absolutely sinful, too!

We celebrated New Years Eve at the bowling alley where I set a new gutter ball record...I blame it on being off-balance due to the baby belly. Lydia loved the balloons and hanging out with Grandma.

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  1. Thanks for posting these pictures. It made me laugh and smile...what fun memories!