Thursday, September 25, 2014

Elegant Farmer

Our family felt it was that time of year again to venture out to the apple orchard! We decided on Elegant Farmer this time since we heard so many good things about it. Although we really liked Apple Holler last year, we will always choose Elegant Farmer over it in the future. For one, the apples were cheaper since you pay for what you get (in a nice basket instead of cheap flimsy bags). The smell of their cider doughnuts got the better of us, and boy were they worth it! I would go back just to get those. I've heard that their apple pies are amazing, so we're planning on getting one next year. It was so nice having a variety of apple trees right next to each other and not having to go very far in the orchard to pick apples. (Last year we had a 15 min. hayride just to get to the part of the orchard where the apples were any good.) The orchard itself is much smaller at Elegant Farmer, but the apples were good, and we loved that they had barrels full of the delicious zestar apple that they don't grow in their orchard. We picked some Golden Delicious and then cheated and filled the rest of our basket with the zestar, which is our favorite. We had a wonderful time picking apples at Elegant Farmer. I sure hope we're able to keep up this family tradition - it's so much fun!

Lydia ate about three whole apples while we were there - I was afraid she was going to get a tummy ache!

Brynlee wasn't so sure about apple picking at first...

She was sold once she tasted her first apple!

Lydia loves to pick the nasty apples off the ground and put them in our basket. We had to coach her a little bit and show her how it's done.

Daddy's little helper

Brynlee picked the apple right out of my hand just as this picture was taken
This little one loved licking & gumming the juice out of her apple

We wouldn't have gotten such good apples if Austin wasn't an expert tree climber

Elegant Farmer's delicious Cider Doughnuts - I highly recommend these!

Lydia practically inhaled her doughnut and then tried to pounce on mine...


  1. Thank you for sharing your apple picking's one of my favorite family traditions too! Spending a beautiful fall day picking apples with the family makes it a little easier to say goodbye to summer and embrace the harvest of fall! The girls are too cute and the doughnuts do look yummy.

    1. It is a fun tradition! While reading that book you lent me, I had fun realizing just how many rituals we already have in our family and have started thinking of new ones we can become more intentional about. Christmas is gonna be delightful! It was a good book, btw. Thank you!

  2. Is this the last family outing with Kittia?

    1. This was our last outing with the old Kittia. I'm sure there will be many more with the new Kittia and her sister, 'Kittilee'!