Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Bookcase for our Bookworm

Grandpa reading Lydia her favorite book :)
              Today I put together a bookshelf all by myself - I am superwoman! I know it's really not too impressive to be able to follow directions and mimic assembly pictures, but somehow I feel empowered for doing something that's normally out of my comfort zone. It was high time we got Lydia her own bookcase. The top shelf in the closet hasn't quite been cutting it lately. This is definitely a step up.

            Lydia already loves her new bookshelf and spent the evening swimming through a sea of books that she had scattered all over the floor. Her favorite rediscovery was "The Many Faces of Lydia Marie," which is the baby photo book I put together for her about a year ago. We read that at least ten times before bed, and then Lydia curled up with her massive teddy bear and read it to him in her nonsensical baby talk. Oh how I love my little bookworm!

Lydia's new favorite reading buddy


  1. Nice work! It's a darling bookcase, I love how the bottom can be a shelf or a bin. She is so cute reading to her bear!