Monday, November 11, 2013

Fish Fry and Football

          We had an especially fun and eventful weekend thanks to our generous friends, Fred and Kathy. On Friday evening we went to the Lakefront Brewery for some yummy fried fish and polka dancing. It was a blast hanging out with our friends and having an opportunity to do the chicken dance together. Afterwards, we headed over to Kopps with everyone to get a scoop of their famous custard. That is the best way to top off any evening. 

           On Saturday morning we dropped off Lydia with some friends and headed to Madison on a double-decker bus with about half the ward for the big BYU-Wisconsin game. This was the longest that I've been apart from Lydia, and it was really strange yet exciting. In fact, it was quite liberating being able to socialize with adults all day and sit back and enjoy the game. What a great day - despite the BYU loss... That was kinda a downer. At least Austin called the outcome of the game a week before and he felt good about that. There really is no shame in losing to the badgers since they're such a great team. We were high up in the stadium and it was pretty chilly. I couldn't feel my legs by the end of the game. Thankfully, we were able to grab a hot chocolate from McDonalds before re-boarding the bus and heading home. I'm so glad we were able to go. It was an awesome day!

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